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How to Collect New Orleans Mint Gold Coins

Inside This Report

• First Branch U.S. Mint in New Orleans
• Coins Distinguished by Famous "O" Mint Mark
• Highly Undervalued in Today's Market
New Orleans Mint
We’ll share with you the seldom seen, historic U.S. Gold Coins from the New Orleans Mint. If you love America’s proud frontier history, you’ll find collecting coins from the Wild West Days to be most enjoyable, as well as financially rewarding.

The First U.S. Mint Opens in 1795 
In 1795, the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia first minted gold coins to establish a sound, uniform currency. In 1803 when Napoleon sold the "Louisiana Purchase" for $15 million, he demanded payment in U.S. Gold Coinage. By 1812, Louisiana was admitted to the Union as a slave state and Robert Fulton’s steam-powered riverboat made the first successful trip down the Mississippi.

America’s First Gold Rush Was In the Early 1800's
The opening of the Southern frontier had a lot to do with America’s early 1800’s Gold rush where large deposits of Gold were found from South and North Carolina into Georgia. In those days, raw Gold had to be transported a dangerous month’s journey back to the Philadelphia Mint to be assayed and converted to Gold coins.

The Southern frontier had few roads and many rivers to cross. Along the way Indians, bandits, and highway robbers were eager to steal the Gold.

'O' Mint Mark on Reverse of $10 Gold PieceThe New Orleans Mint Opens in 1838
Mining interests had lobbied Congress for Southern Branch Mints for years. In 1838, the first branch office of the U.S. Mint opened in New Orleans.

To distinguish coins struck at the “mother mint” in Philadelphia from New Orleans Mint issues, every coin carried a distinctive “O” mint mark shown at left.

The 1830’s were the Wild West Frontier Days, when the U.S. population was less than 17 million. Most people lived East of the Mississippi. Cotton was king in the South and the first wagon train had not yet crossed the Rockies over the Oregon Trail.

It was in this time, before the Civil War, that the New Orleans Mint began to mint Gold coins. From 1838 to 1861, Gold Coins were issued in extremely limited quantities. In the midst of the Civil War, the Southern Confederates took over the mint in New Orleans and no coins were minted from 1862 until 1879.

New Orleans Mint Reopened in 1879, Long After Civil War
When the New Orleans Mint finally reopened, the famous "O" mint mark appeared again on official U.S. Gold Coins from 1879 to 1909. Again, for most years mintages were extremely low. During this time period there was little interest in saving coins, so most went into circulation where they were quickly worn down. 

Today, New Orleans Gold Coins of all dates are still considered to be scarce to very rare. Keep in mind that after the Civil War the $10 Liberty Head Gold piece was struck only for 16 years. The $5 Gold Goins were issued for only four years. What’s even more amazing is that the $20 Liberty was struck for one year only in 1879!

During this same era gold coins were minted by the millions in Philadelphia and San Francisco and stored in vaults. However, New Orleans Gold Coins were almost immediately released to banks, merchants, and the general public and were worn in circulation. All of these factors combine to make the number of surviving examples of many dates to be very hard to find in the higher grades. 

We've Searched Out Value For You
Our Austin Buying Trust has tracked New Orleans Mint Gold for over 20 years. We find that some of the most interesting pieces are the classic $10 Liberty Gold pieces that are "About Uncirculated."  This grade means the coin will show slight signs of wear, but still look good, are quite affordably priced, and still quite scarce.1893-O $10 Liberty Gold Piece

These are Gold Coins from the Western Frontier Days. In fact, they may have been in the pockets of river boat gamblers on a paddle wheel ride up the Mississippi of the late 1800’s.

As authentic pieces of American frontier history, they date back to when Jesse James and Wild West outlaws were robbing banks and holding up trains to get to these Gold treasures.

Why Rare Coin Experts Love New Orleans Gold
A noted authority and popular coin author Q. David Bowers wrote the following when describing New Orleans Gold from the famous Eliasberg Collection sales catalogue:

"In general, collectors have paid much attention to the Ggold from the Charlotte and Dahlonega Mints. Overlooked to a degree have been pieces from New Orleans... Pieces with "O" Mint Marks were used intensely in circulation or were often exported... It may just be the case that in some future year a number of these issues will sell for more than Charlotte or Dahlonega coins, or at least be prices on a comparable basis. They deserve it."1893-O $10 Liberty Gold Piece - Reverse

Our Austin Buying Trust concurs with that statement completely. There's plenty of upside potential for the rarest New Orleans dates as well as pieces preserved in About Uncirculated condition. We've felt for years that this area of the Rare Coin market would be quite strong in the next bull market for U.S. coins.

We highly recommend them to anyone who loves history, the Wild West Frontier Days of America, and especially for anyone looking at building both an interesting collection and one with an excellent upside profit potential.

Call Our Austin Staff of Rare Coin Specialists

In a highly specialized area, you typically call in an expert. Our staff of Rare Coin Specialists at Austin Rare Coins are highly trained in the area of Southern Mint Gold. 

Some members of our Buying Trust are known throughout the industry as top experts in the field. That’s why we’re here to serve you as advisors on rarity, quality, and collector value. Putting together a nice group of New Orleans Mint Gold is certainly worth the extra time and effort. We'd love to help you get started or finding missing dates for your collection. 

Our Rare Coin Specialists will be glad to help you with any questions you have about New Orleans Mint coins.  Call us at 1-800-928-6468 seven days a week.

Free "Rare Coin Profit Report"

Official U.S. Mint - Actual Mintage Figures

Gold Coin Production Pre-Civil War Issues

Date $1.00 $2.50 $3.00  $5.00 $10.00 $20.00
1839   17,781        
1840   33,580   40,120    
1841       50 2,500  
1842   19,800   16,400 27,400  
1843   364,002   101,075 175,162  
1844       364,600 118,700  
1845   4,000   41,000 47,500  
1846   62,000   58,000 81,780  
1847   124,000   12,000 571,500  
1848         35,850  
1849 215,000       23,900  
1850 14,000 84,000     57,500 141,000
1851 290,000 148,000   41,000 263,000 315,000
1852 140,000 140,000     18,000 190,000
1853 290,000       51,000 71,000
1854   153,000 24,000 46,000 52,500 3,250
1855 55,000     11,100 18,000 8,000
1856   21,100   10,000 14,500 2,250
1857   34,000   13,000 5,500 30,000
1858         20,000 35,250
1859         2,300 9,100
1860         11,100 6,600
1861           17,741

New Orleans Mint Gold Production
Post Civil War Years 1879 - 1909
Date $1.00 $2.50 $3.00  $5.00 $10.00 $20.00
1879         1,500 2,325
1880         9,200  
1881         8,350  
1882         10,820  
1883         800  
1888         21,335  
1892       10,000 28,688  
1893       110,000 17,000  
1894       16,600 107,500  
1895         98,000  
1897         42,500  
1899         37,047  
1901         72,041  
1903         112,771  
1904         108,950  
1906         86,895  
1909       34,200    

Free Rare Coin Profit Report

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