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United States Mint -
Peace Silver Dollars 1921-1935

Click her to Buy Peace Silver Dollars The beautiful Peace silver dollar has been a highly popular collector coin for decades.

It serves as a treasured memento of our nation's political and economic history and remains one of the most heavily traded and most universally desired series in United States Coinage.

A Coin Design That Celebrates Peace

After World War I, there was considerable public sentiment favoring the creation of a silver dollar commemorating the end of "the last great war." Through the efforts of the American Numismatic Association and with Congressional approval, nine artists were asked to create a design for a new silver dollar. In early 1921, a design by Anthony De Francisci was chosen depicting a modern Art Deco Liberty Head with a crown of rays on the obverse and a bold majestic eagle at rest on a high mountain top, clutching the laurel wreath of Peach in his talons, on the reverse.

A Coin With A Fascinating History

Initially this design was sculpted in high relief, but was minted in this style for only one year. This style relief caused difficulty in stacking at the Federal Reserve Banks and also shortened the life of the very expensive minting dies. The Peace Dollar is only the second coin in United States history to be struck in high relief. In 1922, George T. Morgan, then Chief Engraver of the United States Mint, made some significant changes without the knowledge of its designer. Morgan lowered the relief and flattened the concave fields thereby increasing the life of the dies and insuring easier mass production and storage.

Minted For Only Ten Short Years

The Peace dollar was minted intermittently from 1921 to 1928 and again in 1934 and 1935 at the three United States Mints—Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. Recently collectors have rediscovered the Peace Dollar and they have regained the popularity they deserve. Certain dates in true mint condition have become extremely rare.

Due to wholesale melting of Silver dollars during World War II and the  closing of U.S. Treasury doors to Silver coin minting in 1964, Peace Dollars have become increasingly scarce. We recommend you acquire only Brilliant Uncirculated Peace Dollars possessing full strike and superior lustre.

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