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What You Should Know About Pre-1933 U.S. Gold Coins
Inside This Report

• More Protection Than Owning Modern Gold
• Non-Reportable to the I.R.S.
• Better Upside Potential Than Gold Bullion
• Excellent "Double-Play" Profit Opportunity

Many investors today are looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals and hard assets. For more than 2,500 years, Gold and Silver have been recognized as lasting mediums of exchange. Over time, every paper currency ever printed has become worthless. When there is a stock market crash, a currency crisis, or rising inflation creating financial risks, investors turn to precious metals for long-term safety and protection.

Clearly, hard assets have endured the test of time. They've proven to be the only permanent and lasting form of wealth. One way to diversify your portfolio is through the acquisition of United States Rare Coins minted before 1933.

United States Rare Coins Offer Proven Advantages:

Not Subject to Confiscation - Most modern issue bullion coins like Krugerrands and Canadian Maple Leafs can be confiscated under U.S. laws still on the books. Pre-1933 U.S. Gold coins are exempt from confiscation as “collector coins.”

Rare Coins are Private, Non-Reportable - Sales of U.S. rare coins are
non-reportable. However, the sale of modern bullion coins over 25 ounces requires dealers to file a 1099-B with the I.R.S. reporting your profits.

Less Speculative - Pre-1933 Gold Coins of Better Dates and Rare Dates are less volatile on a day to day basis than Gold bullion coins. While the price of Gold and Silver change hourly 24/7 on world markets, the price of Pre-1933 Gold Coins are not subject to downward price pressure of Gold short sellers and seldom have hour by hour fluctuations.

  Rare Coins Outperform Bullion - Long-term, key areas of the U.S. Rare Coin Market have outperformed bullion alone. Many non-Gold/Silver coins have no price relationship to precious metals at all.

Pre-1933 Rare Coins give you leverage in a hot gold market - Bull markets in precious metals have shown to dramatically drive up demand and prices for older U.S. Rare Gold Coins providing coin collectors with a "Double-Profit" Opportunity.

Growing Demand, Fixed Supply for Rare Coins

We feel there are many advantages to owning historic, Pre-1933 Gold Coins over ordinary, modern gold bullion coins like American Eagles.

Modern American Eagle versus a 1914-S Saint-Gaudens

American Eagle Gold Coins saint gaudens gold coins $10 Liberty Gold Coin
2014 Bullion
American Eagle
1914-S Classic
Benefits of
Classic U.S. Gold
1 troy ounce of Gold .9675 troy ounces of Gold Almost the same Gold
857,000 minted in 2011 Only 1,498,000 minted Limited number of Saints
Millions more to be minted  No more will be minted ever  Saints are far rarer
Almost all still exist meaning they are not rare or scarce Only 8,511 known to exist and certified MS-64. With 2,934 grading MS-65+ Too many Eagles to guess at future value
Millions more to be minted  No more will be minted ever  Eagles are just bullion
Worth only their weight in gold plus small mint premiums Sell at premiums over Gold based on collector market Better preserved, rare date Saints command highest prices
$50 Face Value $20 Face Value Face value is arbitrary
Private, non-reportable Private, non-reportable Buy & Sell with privacy
Struck at U.S. Mint, West Point Struck at three U.S. Mints More variety for Saints
american eagle gold coins saint gaudens gold cons Liberty Gold Coin Reverse
Beautiful, new Family of Eagles design reverse  Spectacular flying eagle design over rising sun's rays. A majestic heraldic eagle firmly clutching the olive branch of  peace in one powerful talon and the arrows of war in the other.

We Prefer Coins With High Demand, Low Supplies

Let's conclude by saying that most raw modern Gold coins are worth exactly their weight in Gold, plus a small premium for minting, shipping, and handling. The value of a Gold bar, an American Eagle, a Canadian Maple Leaf, or a Krugerrand goes up and down exactly with the melt value of its raw Gold content alone.  These modern bullion coins are not rare coins with an established collector base proven to maintain premiums.

On the other hand, U.S. Gold coins minted before 1933 have a fixed and limited supply with an underlying and rapidly growing base of collectors.  They have traded in a free market of collectors, some, like the 1907 High Relief Saints commanded high premiums over their Gold content since the first day they were minted.

While demand is growing among new rare coin collectors worldwide, the supply of classic old Rare Coins to fill that demand is fixed and even diminishing as many coins are put away into permanent collections, museums, or hoarded away in private vaults for generations.

In summary: We believe that a carefully chosen collection of U.S. Rare Coins along with Gold and Silver bullion offers you privacy from government intrusion, safety in a crisis, and a proven way to add leverage to your Gold portfolio. Best of all, many high quality U.S. Rare Coins in the current bull market are trading well below previous market highs. In our opinion, U.S. Rare Coins offer lower downside risks today and higher upside potential than just acquiring precious metals alone.

If you need assistance of have questions, please call Austin Rare Coins & Bullion Monday through Friday, 9am till 9pm. Rare Coin Specialists are on duty at 1-800-928-6468.

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