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How to Collect U.S. Silver Dollars 

Inside This Report

•  Focus on One Branch of the U.S. Mint
•  Collect Sets From All Five Mints
•  High Quality Silver Dollars are Still Affordable

Morgan Silver Dollar  Building a set of Morgan Silver Dollars begins the moment you acquire your very first one. From even a humble beginning, many coin collectors have gone on to build a set of Silver Dollars that later proved to be worth a small fortune.

How To Build Sets from One Mint
For many reasons, not the least of which is profit oriented, we highly recommend you save Silver Dollars with a plan to build sets. With a long-term goal in mind, you can add appreciably to the value of your collection while further enhancing your enjoyment of the hobby.

Traditionally, Morgan Silver Dollar Sets are built in several ways. You can just collect a few now and then. Or you can save Silver Dollars from one particular mint. On the reverse side, under the Eagle, you'll find a distinctive Mint Mark like the CC shown here.

Carson CityThe "CC" Mint mark indicates a Silver Dollar minted at the U.S. branch mint in Carson City, Nevada.

Collectors can save "O" Mint Silver Dollars from the New Orleans Mint, "S" Mint Silver Dollars from San Francisco, "D" Mint Silver Dollars from Denver, or Silver Dollars with no mint mark which indicates the mother mint in Philadelphia as the origin of the coin.

Collecting Certified Morgans from All Five Mints
Another popular way to collect Silver Dollars is to acquire examples from each of the five different U.S. Mints in a particular grade ranging from BU - Brilliant Uncirculated to MS-64 Near Gem Mint or MS-65 Gem Mint Condition coins. These high quality coins range from an affordable $50-$125.

Silver Dollars $50 - $65Second Philadelphia Mint
For those with limited resources, we recommend you start slowly with the more affordable U.S. Silver Dollars in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

At today’s attractive price levels, many people start by putting away 10 to 20 Morgan Silver Dollars in MS-64 or MS-65. These grades have a long history of producing some of the best profits in hot markets and we fully expect them to do well in the years ahead.

Click here for Morgan Silver Dollars

The Morgan Silver Dollar
Silver Dollars minted from 1878 to 1921 are called Morgan Silver Dollars. The obverse was designed by George T. Morgan who immortalized his wife’s portrait in his famous design. These U.S. Mint issues are commonly referred to as Morgan Silver Dollars in his honor. The reverse is a spread eagle, one of America’s most renowned emblems of freedom.

Click here to learn about Peace Silver Dollars

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