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Five Keys to Building a Small Fortune
Collecting Rare Coins

Inside This Report

Appearance Matters
Gold and Silver
Rarity is of Utmost Importance

From the day you purchase your first Rare Coin, you should be considering who you will sell your collection to in years to come. Since the largest demand for U.S. Rare Coins has always been with serious coin collectors, we suggest you consider these "Five Keys to Collecting" that are sure to addvalue to any rare coin collection you assemble.

1. Coins Should Look Great - The artistic merit and eye appeal of a coin's design should be exceptionally high. The craftsmanship and quality must be impeccable. Rare Coins are works of art, miniature sculptures treasured for their beauty and appeal to the senses as well as their historic value and rarity. 

2. Coins Must Be Well Preserved - The current state of a coin's preservation must clearly demonstrate the design features without the unnecessary distractions of wear and scratches. Quality is always important to the serious coin investor.  The state of preservation is measured by a coin's grade. The official grading scale ranges from a completely worn out coin grading a 1 to an absolutely perfect coin grading a 70. Coins in the MS-60 to 66 range are said to be in "mint condition" and should have original mint luster with no signs of wear on the surfaces.  

3. We Recommend Gold & Silver Coins - U.S. Rare Coins come in all shapes, sizes, and metals. At Austin Rare Coins and Bullion, we feel that the best investment coins are minted in precious metals of gold and silver. These coins will exhibit a high appeal with collectors and have lasting intrinsic value. Rare Coins minted in Gold and Silver have a double profit opportunity. They can go up in value both as collectibles and with the Precious Metals markets. 

4. Insist on Official Legal Tender Coins - Many small, inexpensive coins are sold as collectibles. They're often overpriced and have little resale potential and no investment value. We recommend that anyone investing in the Rare Coin Market stay away from coins minted in unknown places like the Marshall Islands.  We recommend you stay primarily with U.S. Rare Coins that were designed and minted by the U.S. Mint. These are designated as "Official Legal Tender" coins and are well known by both serious coin collectors and investors. These coins enjoy a wide base of collectors and dealers who trade in the coins every day. 

5. Rarity Always Pays Off - Collectors always love to own what other people can't have. For that reason, they're the most likely to bid up prices in a hot coin market to obtain the rarest and hardest to find coins. In a hot coin market, prices can be very volatile. Scarce to relatively Rare Coins have impressive past performance track records. We feel they are more likely to sell in the years to come at much higher premiums than you find in today's market. 

In conclusion, look for pretty coins with nice, interesting designs. Search out those minted in Gold and Silver that are well preserved and have a high appeal with other coin collectors.  Stay with well known legal tender coins that are as rare as you can afford for your collection.

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