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Always Think Like a Collector!

Inside This Report

Serious Collectors Make the Most Money
Systematically Collect Coins
Our Rare Coin Specialists Can Help You

As you build a rare coin collection, it's important to take into consideration who your collection will interest later when you get ready to sell.

Over the decades, Austin Rare Coins management team has carefully studied the success of many of the best known coin collectors.  This has lead us to recommend a distinctive collecting strategy to our clients, one that we feel will add to the pleasure of ownership and the long-term financial success of collecting.

This approach is an ideal way to help you identify the most appealing and desirable areas of the coin market to build your collection around.

Here is a link to the Rare Coin Terms - Quick Dictionary to help you get started!

Always Think Like A Coin Collector
Time has proven that serious collectors tend to make the most money in rare coins. Typically, they search for “undervalued coins” and buy "well below" previous market highs.  They hold their coins patiently for years and sell into hot coin markets.

Put Rare Coins in Perspective
Rare Coins have an extremely limited, fixed supply.  Historically, coins increase in value when a wave of new collectors enters the market and their demand overwhelms the limited supply.  In a rising market, newcomers are forced to bid-up prices to entice the old-time coin collectors to sell.  Keep in mind that coins do not go up forever.  Coins trade up and down in long market cycles and they do go down in price as well as up.  That's why timing is a key factor to success.

Systematically Collect
Buying a few coins here and there with no plan or goals usually leads to a hodge-podge collection of coins.  Avoid this approach that makes your collection harder to sell later.  We find that the most successful Rare Coin portfolios to be sold in recent years were built by "systematically" assembling historically rare and desirable coins.  Developing a plan early makes all the difference.

The table below is a brief list of popular areas of coin collecting.  It can aid you in deciding on a focus for your collection.

Rare Coin Collectors Super Collectors Newbie Collectors
Pre-1933 Gold Coins:
$20 Liberty 1849-1907
$20 Saints 1907-1933

Gold by Denomination
$10, $5, $3

Princess, $2 1/2 &
Gold Dollars

Pre-Civil War Gold Dahlonega, Charlotte, and
New Orleans Mint

Morgan Silver Dollars
Peace Silver Dollars
Rare Date Gold
Extreme Rarities
Early Proof Sets
Fractional Gold Coins
Pattern Coins
Error Coins
Territorial Coins
Colonial  Coins
Coins by Mint Mark
Carson City Silver Dollars
Shipwreck Gold Coins
Ancient Coins
High Grade Modern Coins
Collect by Denomination
Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Halves,
Silver Dollars.

Modern Coins
Statehood Quarters
Golden Dollars
Modern Proof Sets
Uncirculated Sets by Year
Coins by Mint Mark
Bullion Silver Coins
Bullion Gold Coins
World Coins

Focus on a Precise Area of the Market
Thousands of coins have been issued since 1792 when the U.S. Mint first opened.  Very few collectors or coin dealers can be experts in more than a few areas of the market.  For example, newbie collectors with limited budgets often collect modern coins that have extremely limited profit potential.  That's not the kind of coins we sell.

We prefer to focus on serving investment-oriented collectors who may be acquiring Gold or Silver Bullion for the first time.  Once these clients are educated fully about classic U.S. Rare Coins, they soon join our large base of Rare Coin Collectors.  In time, many move up to becoming what we call our Super Collectors who focus completely on acquiring extremely rare and historically important coins.

Sure, you can buy a few coins here and there on the internet, but please understand how important it is to build a long-term relationship with a firm that matches your interests and needs.  Staying connected to one company makes it easier to liquidate your collection when you're ready to sell.  

How To Get Started?
The members of our Austin Buying Trust have been acknowledged as pillars of authority in the Rare Coin industry for decades.  This team has trained and shared their knowledge with our staff at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion over the past 18 years. 

Together, this highly specialized form of collecting U.S. Rare Coins is shared.  The Buying Trust hands down their skills, knowledge, and experience to our Rare Coin Specialists who work one-on-one personally with individual collectors like you.

We're Rare Date Gold Experts
While we offer a wide range of U.S. Coins, here are key areas in which we have a unique interest and specialized experience.

1. Our entire staff has been trained as specialists in Pre-1933 Gold Coins.  We love Gold, we always have.  We can answer many of your questions about how to start with Gold Bullion and then move up gradually to building a collection of Rare Date Gold from the 1800's through 1933.

2. One area of our specialization is Pre-Civil War coin collections.  We buy, sell, and trade the rarest of Gold Coins from the long-closed, almost forgotten branches of the U.S. Mint in Dahlonega GA, Charlotte NC, and New Orleans LA.

3. Our Buying Trust also knows the U.S. Silver Dollar market inside and out.  In the current strong Silver market, Silver Dollars have become very hot again and provide an ideal way to diversify beyond rare date Gold collections.

We can make a very persuasive case for why we chose these areas of coin collecting to build our business, mostly based on our personal experiences.  However, you may want to collect only Buffalo Nickels or Standing Liberty Quarters.  And that's perfectly fine.  To be successful, we recommend you find another established dealer who inventories, buys, and sells exactly what you want to collect.     

How To Get Started?
Before you begin to build a serious collection of U.S. Coins, please talk with our team of Rare Coin Specialists first.  We can discuss your goals and help select areas of focus.  We'll share what's hot and what's not to help you avoid making mistakes.  We also recommend you order our FREE Rare Coin Profit Report. Early planning will make it easier to finish a collection within a clearly defined budget range.

Questions?  Call Austin Rare Coins, Inc. Monday through Friday 9AM to 9PM at
1-800-928-6468.  Taking a few minutes to talk with us today may avoid significant problems later.  Getting the facts first can prove to be very rewarding in the long run.

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